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Fox Glacier is at 12kms, Fox Glacier is the longest of the awe-inspiring New Zealand West Coast glaciers. This mighty moving river of ice falls 2,600 metres, or a little over 8000ft, on its journey from the base to the Southern Alps to the West Coast.
New Zealand’s West Coast glaciers are unique and probably the most accessible glaciers in the World, as they terminate amongst temperate rainforest just 270 metres above sea level.

Flying Fox: Heli Hike

Combine the thrill of 2 helicopter flights, with the opportunity to explore a remote and pristine part of the glacier on foot, with your knowledgeable guide. Glacial forces are greatest in this area and often create spectacular ice caves, arches and tunnels, brilliantly blue in colour.
Fitness Level – low/moderate, Duration – 4 hours, Min Age – 9 years, Tour Times – 8.50am, 11.50am & 2.50pm (summer only) Cost $399

Fox Trail: Terminal Face Walk

A leisurely and informative walk along the Fox River valley floor. Although you will not walk on the glacier your guide will take you to the final resting place of the mighty river of ice, after it has traveled 12 kilometers from the base of the Southern Alps. You will have the opportunity to learn the role of the Fox Glacier in shaping its environment.
Fitness Level – low, Duration – 2 hours, Min Age – 5 years, Tour Times – 9.10am (all year), 4.50pm (mid October – mid April) & 2.20pm (winter only) Cost $59

Fox It Up: Ice Climbing Adventure

An all day experience introducing the exhilarating sport of ice climbing on the spectacular ice walls of the lower glacier. Your professional guide will tailor your day to challenge novices and experts alike using the best technical gear available. No experience is necessary. Maximum group size is four.
Fitness Level – Good, Duration – 8-9 hours, Tour Times – 8.00am (all year) Cost $320

Fox It Up Higher: Heli-Ice Climbing Adventure
This day-long experience offers you an exhilarating ice-climbing adventure high on the glacier. You’ll helicopter into and cut from your ice climbing location, enjoying the breathtaking (and close up) views of the glacier from the air. Don’t worry if you are new to ice climbing, the professional guide will tailor the day to offer variety and challenge to newcomers and experts alike. Guide to customer ration is 1:4 maximum.
Fitness Level – Good, Duration – 8-9 hours, Tour Times – 8.00am (all year) Cost $499

Also available are overnight trips please visit their website for further information on these tours

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